Real-time Information of Events Affecting Offices

Real-time Information of Events Affecting Offices

Sargent & Lundy has set up several means of providing information (e.g., office closed/open) to employees during non-working hours or when usual means of communications are not available. This includes building outages, local disruptive events, and other situation affecting communication.

Send Word Now (SWN)

Notifications through the Send Word Now (SWN) alert system.

Off-Site Hotline

In-House Hotline

Check your own voice mail

To find out if an update has been sent as a voice mail broadcast

Check this web page

In the event of emergencies, this website will display important information in a red bar at the top of the page.

Send Word Now (SWN), this website, and 1-877-260-6397 are maintained by outside services. These resources should be functional even if S&L’s Chicago office or the phone system/computer network are unavailable.